Spirit Games

Sports should form better people, not just better athletes

So what are the Spirit Games?

For 8th Graders

All teams in all 8th grade leagues should be represented on the Spirit teams.

Values on Display

This is not an ``All Star`` game. This is for the youth that best demonstrate the CYC values of Sportsmanship, Faith, and Service.

Represent your district

Players from around the St. Louis region get chosen to play for their District

Upcoming Spirit Game Dates

Hear What Other Families Have To Say


CYC offers the unique combination for players of all skill levels to participate in athletic competitions while learning the Catholic principles of sportsmanship and fair play.

Tim Probst
Parent and Coach

We all have to keep in mind that CYC Sports is a ministry. The objective is for the adults to teach the children (through sport and in the shadow of the church) to be more Christ-like.

Jeff Evenson
Parent and Coach

I grew up playing CYC Soccer and gained many wonderful memories and friendships. Now as a parent, I am excited that my children have the opportunity to have the same experience. We appreciate that CYC allows our children to play competitively, but in a league that values respect and emphasizes good sportsmanship.

Lindsay Poepsel

CYC has been a big part of my life, my wife's life and my children's lives. At CYC games and practices we made lifelong friends, strengthened parish relationships and learned how to handle many different situations, all from a perspective of faith and love. The CYC offers so much to so many at a reasonable cost.

Buzz Swanston

Want to nominate your players?

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