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Finding the right program matters

When CYC was founded, the intent was for all young athletes to play for the parish boundaries that they reside in. This is a way to build community among your friends, classmates, and neighbors. Demographics have changed a lot over the past 75 years, but CYC will always stay true to the original purpose of setting boundaries on where kids can play. “Building Communities of Faith Through Sports” is the mission statement of CYC, and that in many ways starts with where we play.

CYC is a sports program that is open to athletes of all skill levels, and placing guidelines on where kids play also prevents team “stacking” or playing for a team just to win games. Archdiocesan Playoffs are a great tradition for CYC, but should not be the sole focus. We want ALL kids to feel comfortable and excited to play CYC Sports, but that means that all programs must follow the same rules.

Every CYC program must be affiliated with a Church or faith-based school. We are proud to have many non-Catholic churches that have a CYC program, and we welcome individuals of all backgrounds to participate.

To participate in a CYC Program, you must fall into one of three main “buckets”:

  1. Parish of Residence – This applies to both Catholics and non-Catholics. Every individual in the St. Louis region lives within the boundaries of a Catholic parish. If you are unsure of your parish boundaries, you can search your address here:
  2. School – If your child is registered at a school with a CYC program affiliated with it, he or she is eligible to play there. Important note: Attendance at Regional Schools such as Holy Cross Academy does not qualify you. For example, if you attend Holy Cross Academy at St. Michael the Archangel Campus, that does not qualify you to play for St. Michael Sports teams. In this case, you must choose the “Parish of Residence” or “Parish of Registration” bucket.
  3. Parish of Registration – This is for Catholic families that are actively involved in the faith and parish life of a church that they do not live in the boundaries of. If you are registered with the rectory at that parish and consider yourself a true active parishioner there, then you are eligible to play for the sports program.

Parish of Residence


Parish of Registration

I Found My Program. What Do I Do Next?

Once you have discovered what Program you are eligible to participate in, you will need to go to the Region website for the online registration.

Click here the Region websites:  Regions  or scroll down to the bottom right of this page.

If you are eligible to play or coach at more than one program (go to school somewhere, but live in the boundaries of another church), you must choose ONE program to participate in, and you are not allowed to switch between two different programs within a 12-month timeframe.

** If there is ANY confusion on what Program you should play for, you should reach out to the CYC Office.

Frequently Asked Questions:


If a non-Catholic attends a school that has an affiliated CYC program, they are eligible to play there. If not, they must play for the parish boundaries that they live within. Parish of registration is NOT available to non-Catholics. You cannot register at a parish for the sole purpose of playing sports there.


This happens a lot in CYC. Perhaps friends from public school or a club team all play for a neighboring parish, but you live in different boundaries. Unfortunately this is not a reason that would make you eligible for the other team, you must play for the Program that you are eligible for according to the above requirements.


From time to time there are certain circumstances that may allow a player to play for another program. This is not common, but it is possible. The waiver process must be approved by your District Chairperson.


If you go to a Church, or live in the boundaries of a Church that does not have a CYC program, then your next step is to reach out to the CYC Office.  They will have the list of programs that are near you and could be in need of players. Signing up at a parish that you are not eligible for before notifying the CYC Office could result in the player being removed from the team.

Need Help Finding Your Program?

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