What We Believe


The Catholic Youth Council (CYC) has been a tradition in St Louis since 1941.  Generations of St Louis kids have wonderful memories of CYC sports on the fields and courts of their home parish community.

Our mission is “Building Communities of Faith Through Sports”. CYC sports can be the thread that ties the many positive aspects of parish life together.  Sports can teach positive life lessons to our children through effort, competition and teamwork.

We believe CYC Sports is:

  • Having fun playing sports with your classmates and friends.
  • An environment where everyone is welcome to play, regardless of your skill level or personal background.
  • An affordable youth sports league.
  • Using your God given abilities to do your best and remembering to thank God for the opportunity to play the game. (Faith)
  • Learning to play the game the right way with respect for others. (Sportsmanship)
  • Giving back to your parish community as coach, volunteer, official and player. (Service)

CYC Sports will be successful when everyone involved works together to make it a positive and rewarding experience for the kids playing the sport.  CYC Sports is all about our children having fun!