The following policies and procedures are binding for any participant in any CYC Sports Activity.

Pre-Game Prayers & Procedures

(Established March 2002)

  1. Prior to the beginning of each CYC game/match, all game participants (players, coaches & officials) will gather at the center circle, home plate or mid court, whichever would apply. This includes tournaments, league play and playoffs.
  2. The Home Team, as listed on the official game schedule, will lead the prayer; this may be done by one of the coaches, players, parents or representatives from their parish.
  3. At the conclusion of the prayer, players and coaches from opposing teams will wish each other good luck.
  4. Teams will then proceed to their team area & proceed to start the game.
  5. Persons who for religious/personal reasons wish not to participate in the prayer can either stand with their team or remain at their team area during the prayer.

Sample Athletic Prayers

Almighty God and Father, we ask your blessing on all who participate in today’s game. Give all of us the spirit to do our best. And, win or lose, may we come away knowing the benefits we received from the opportunity we had to play this day.

Good and gracious God, watch over all whom come together in competitive spirit this day. Keep all players free from injury and be with all who have come to enjoy our play.

Most loving God, give strength and protection to all players who participate today. Watch over all who came to cheer for us and support us. May this game be a source of fun and enjoyment for all.

Holy God, in your goodness you have given us the ability to compete in today’s game. May our competitive spirit help to build an attitude of respect and cooperation beyond the (diamond/field/court). Keep safe all who play and all who watch this game.

Heavenly Father, may our zeal for winning today be matched by our even greater zeal for sportsmanship in all contests and for cooperation in all directions of life.

Loving God, help us to use our skills and talents to compete with zeal and enthusiasm and, when the game is done, help us to leave the contest with a sincere and genuine respect for all—players, fans, coaches and officials.

God of goodness, give us the strength to do our very best today. And, no matter the outcome, help us to come away true winners in all we do. Watch over all who play today and all who make this game fun and enjoyable.

Almighty Father, watch over all who are part of today’s game—players, coaches, officials and fans. May this day be a source of enjoyment for all who are here. And after the game may we walk away better persons for having participated.

CYC Sports Scheduling Policy

From time to time the CYC office, CYC Sports Districts and our scheduling committees are approached regarding conflicting scheduling between CYC games and parish or school related religious activities or events. Here is the official policy regarding that specific issue as well as commentary on related issues.


Anyone seeking an exception to this policy must have the written approval of the Pastor of every parish affected.

Also, the CYC scheduling committees (both Central office and Districts) must be sensitive to and pro-active in determining all other possible conflicts with parish or school religious activities. Caution should be exercised when scheduling games so as not to create a conflict between CYC sports activities and Sunday Mass, Holy Days of Obligation Mass, Parish School of Religion classes, Masses of Anticipation, retreats or other faith based events. If a problem is discovered after that fact, the district should explore all possibilities with the team regarding re-scheduling.

All steps possible need to be taken to avoid placing young people and their parents in a position where they must choose between these activities.

One other note to keep in mind; some parish sponsored teams play in leagues and/or tournaments that are not sanctioned or sponsored by the Catholic Youth Council. In these cases the CYC would have no jurisdiction. Those teams, players and parents would have to resolve those issues with that organizations’ leadership.

Alcohol Policy

Please observe the following revised Guidelines which will go into effect November 1, 2013 regarding the use of alcohol at parish functions. Beverage alcohol, in the Guidelines, refers to wine, beer, straight and mixed liquor and cordials.


The following guidelines regarding serving beverage alcohol have been developed for all parishes, parish organizations, agencies, and entities of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

  1. All federal, state and local laws and ordinances must be observed. This includes regulations required for the sale of alcohol, prohibiting the distribution of alcohol to minors and not serving alcohol to intoxicated persons.
  2. The group or organization sponsoring an activity or event at which alcoholic beverages are to be served must have permission from the pastor of the parish or the director of the agency that hosts the event or activity.
  3. Alcoholic beverages and food containing alcohol must be clearly labeled or identified as such.
  4. Alcoholic beverages that are designed to facilitate rapid alcohol consumption, including grain alcohol and shots, are prohibited.
  5. Whenever alcohol is served, non-alcoholic alternatives must always be offered with equal accessibility.
  6. The serving or use of alcoholic beverages at events should not be ‘actively marketed’ during the event.
  7. Alcohol is not to be served to anyone or brought in by someone, including adults, at any event directed primarily to and for minors. This includes elementary and high school events, CYC events, Scouting activities, etc.
  8. All adults should be mindful of their Christian responsibility to drink in moderation and to give a good example to our youth. “Clergy, employees and volunteers should never be involved with the illegal possession and/or illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol. They must never supply such substances to minors nor may they consume alcohol while functioning in an official capacity with minors. This includes those who are involved with children as coaches or managers of sports teams.” (Code of Ethical Conduct for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers Working with Minors § 4.5)
  9. Parish and agency leaders are responsible for ensuring these guidelines are made known and observed.

Approved by the Presbyteral Council on September 19, 2013 and Promulgated by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson on November 1, 2013