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CYC Guidelines – Updated 10/7/20, guidelines to take effect 10/7/20



As of October 7, CYC has updated its Youth Sports Guidelines to comply with local health department regulations.  This goes into effect on 10/7 and this is what it means for CYC Teams:

Spectator Restrictions – 

Due to ongoing widespread community transmission of COVID-19, it is recommended that persons who are not essential for athletic activity operations including Spectators, volunteers, parents/guardians, or non-essential visitors, not be allowed. At most, each athlete shall be allowed two Spectators to observe gameplay; however, they must comply with St. Louis County’s face covering and social/physical distancing requirements. The athletic leaders are responsible for controlling the number of Spectators to enforce social distancing restrictions.

  • LIMITED Spectators are allowed  – up to two Spectators per athlete are allowed to attend, unless capacity limitations and/or other limitations impact the ability to comply with social distancing.
    • CYC soccer will be allowed two Spectators per athlete.
    • CYC volleyball will be allowed two Spectators at most gyms.  Some gyms are only allowing 1 due to not being able to safely social distance.
  • Spectators are required to comply at all times with all requirements for facial coverings and social distancing.
  • In NO event shall the number of Spectators exceed the capacity limitation of the space. If the maximum capacity limitation does not allow 6 feet of distance between every set of Spectators throughout the event, the athletic directors and facility management are responsible for further limiting the crowd to reach compliance with social distancing.  THIS WILL BE THE CASE IN SOME GYMS USED FOR CYC SPORTS.
  • In calculating capacity limitations, all coaches, officials, participants, Spectators, and any other person in attendance shall be included.
  • An athletic director, school, club, team, or sporting venue (fields, courts, or other sport facility) is allowed to further limit the number of or prohibit Spectators if enforcing these restrictions is not practicable.
  • For any event in which the capacity of the venue does not allow the full number of limited Spectators (2 per participant), the athletic leaders are responsible for identifying a reasonable accommodation in order to meet the capacity restrictions and to provide parent communication in the event of an injury or emergency if parents are not present.
  • No tournament-style competitions are allowed, such as bracket-style play where multiple teams play back to back.
  • Coaches, officials, and athletes must be screened every day that an individual participates at a practice or game.
  • Athletes and officials should remain in their mask/face covering until they begin vigorous physical activity.  As soon as activity has ended athletes/officials are required to wear mask/face covering again.  Any time the athlete/official is not actively engaged in physical activity (i.e. meetings, standing on the sideline, injured not participating, halftime, etc.) they must be wearing a mask/face covering.
  • Coaches must remain in mask/face coverings at all times

Key Points of Contact

Katie Smith, MEd, ATC, LAT
Outreach Manager
SSM Health Sports Medicine
SSM Health Cardinal Glennon SportsCare
12255 DePaul Drive Suite 100
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Cardinal Glennon SportsCare Concierge Line: 314-577-5640 Ext. 1
SSM Health Sports Medicine Concierge Line: 833-776-7767 Ext. 2
Office: 314-344-7121

Laura Bailey
CYC Sports Coordinator
20 Archbishop May Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63119
(314) 792-7255