Code of Conduct

Below are two Code of Conduct forms to use at the Parish level for parents and coaches. The enforcement of the Code of Conduct is left up to the Parishes and Districts.

The spirit of these documents is meant to be positive. We want to create a positive atmosphere for all of our athletes, officials, volunteers, and parents. 95% of CYC Coaches and Parents are doing it the “right way,” but these are important to hold everyone accountable. The commitment to faith and sportsmanship is what makes CYC unique, which is why believe these are important.

Any Parish is able to download these forms to pass out to parents and coaches, or build them into the registration process at the beginning of the season. Our hope is that you would spend time thinking through each document and discussing at the Parish level, instead of having each person “check the box” in the same way that you might accept the Terms and Conditions on a new iPhone.

CYC Parent Code of Conduct (updated August 2019)

CYC Coach Code of Conduct (updated August 2019)