Coach Training Programs

CYC has partnered with two impactful organizations to offer Coach Training for all CYC coaches. These trainings are an invaluable resource to help our coaches feel equipped and ready to Coach the right way. The Core Values of CYC are Sportsmanship, Faith, and Service, and we believe these Coach Training opportunities communicate and enhance those values well.

Here is a grid showing what course is required depending on your level of Coaching:


Grades K-4 All Coaches Must take CTMAPD (online)
Grades 5-8 Head Coaches Must take PLACT (in-person)
Grades 5-8 Assistant Coaches Your choice between CTMAPD or PLACT

Coaching to Make a Positive Difference (online course)

This online program is presented by Bill Bommarito who is the founder and President of Coaching Coaches LLC. The program is dedicated to the education of Volunteer Coaches – their job is to educate so that coaching becomes easier and even more enjoyable. Bill grew up in St. Louis and played CYC sports for 9 years and as a parent coached for 16 years in the CYC program. This course will offer helpful tips on Coaching, parent communication, and working with Officials.

Play Like a Champion Today

(in-person course)

This in-person program will be presented by CYC staff or district trainers and is a comprehensive look at Coaching with integrity, setting goals for teams and athletes, looking at the Coach as a ministry opportunity, and developing your athletes physically and spiritually. If you would like to read more about the program you can visit their website here.

Play Like a Champion Today is new to CYC starting in Fall 2019. All HEAD Coaches will have until the soccer and volleyball in 2021 to complete this requirement.  You will not be able to be listed on a roster as a Head Coach until you have taken the program.

It is recommended that Assistant Coaches who may want to be a Head Coach in the future should take Play Like a Champion. It is also recommended that Parish Athletic Association Leadership (AA Board, Lay directors, etc.) take Play Like a Champion to understand what their Coaches are learning and find more ways to build upon the training and sportsmanship at their parish.

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