CYC Update – Dec 2022

CYC Update – Dec 2022

As we prepare for another CYC basketball season, here are some important updates concerning our CYC program:

  • NEW HIRE – We welcome Jeff Willmann to our office. Jeff is the Coordinator of Athletic Ministry. He is a long time CYC coach/volunteer and a welcome addition to our office.
  • COACH COMPLIANCE – As a volunteer in the Archdiocese and the CYC program, you are required to fulfill certain requirements. As someone who works with our youth, we want to be sure you are fully aware of the responsibilities that go with your job. These training programs will enable you to be the best coach/volunteer you can be. Recently, we have noticed coaches who are not compliant.  This puts you, your parish, and our CYC program in a position we would like to avoid.  There are liability concerns that go with ignoring these compliance requirements.  Please be sure all CYC coaches are compliant:
  • PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION – We are proud to include Play Like A Champion in our coaches training. So far, we have almost 3000 CYC coaches who have completed the class. Play Like A Champion emphasizes the role of a CYC coach as a minister of your parish community and gives coaches the framework to be successful. If your parish would like to host an in-person PLAC training, please contact our office for more information.
  • CYC ARCHDIOCESAN BASKETBALL PLAYOFFS – Our girls playoffs will be March 23-26, 2023 and the boys playoffs will be March 30-April 1, 2023.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP – When you attend a CYC game, please remember you are representing your family, your team and your parish community. Most importantly, you are modeling the proper behavior for your child.  Kids see everything you do at their games. They need your encouragement and support.  When they make a mistake, they look to you for support. Please don’t shake your head or criticize their actions.  Be positive at the game and don’t forget to tell your kids you love to watch them play.
  • CYC AWARDS BANQUET – The 65th Annual CYC Awards Banquet will be Thursday March 2nd at SLUH. This year we are offering the opportunity for everyone to nominate coaches, volunteers and officials for our awards.  For more information go to:


ALL THINGS NEW – By now, we have all attended the parish listening sessions. We have an idea how things may work out for our parish.  Now is the time to begin to prepare for how these changes could affect your athletic program. Parish mergers will mean more kids, more coaches and more opportunities. That is a positive for some of our parishes who currently find it hard to have enough players for a team.

If your parish is merged with a neighboring parish, how will that look for athletics? How will you form teams? Who will coach? You will need more equipment and uniforms. With more kids, and more parents, you will have more resources to make this successful.

If you have questions, please let us know. Our office would be happy to visit your athletic association meeting to talk about transition.

While these changes will be stressful, the opportunity to better the CYC program is exciting. Sports has the ability to unify people. Our CYC parents, coaches and volunteers can be the leaders in your new parish; showing everyone how we build community.

We continue to pray for the success of All Things New and we continue to pray for our CYC family.

Dan Fitzgerald

CYC Director