We are looking forward to a fun CYC soccer and volleyball season starting in the next few weeks.  Here are some updates and important information as we begin the season:

  • NEW HIRE – Our office welcomes Marc Langhauser as the new Coordinator of CYC Sports. Marc is a long time CYC volunteer and we look forward to working with him on all things CYC.
  • CYC CARDS – When you register for CYC sports in Team Sideline you will download a picture of your child. This picture will now go on the roster, therefore, we no longer need to use CYC cards. Your old CYC cards will no longer be used.
  • PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION – A reminder for all 5th grade coaches. You should have taken the Play Like A Champion course before coaching CYC games this fall. If you are coaching 5th grade basketball, now would be the time to register for a class. To register for the class, please go to the CYC website:
  • NEED FOR OFFICIALS – The CYC, along with many sports organizations, are in need of officials. If you are interested in being an official and getting involved with the sport you love, please contact your parish sport coordinator for more information or go to the CYC website at:
  • SPORTSMANSHIP – Always keep in mind, when you attend a CYC event you are representing your family, your team and your parish. Most importantly, you are modeling proper behavior for your child.  Kids watch how adults react to adverse situations and they will often mirror that behavior. Let’s all continue to exhibit good sportsmanship. Cheer for your child, their team, and the other team. Please do not yell at officials or coach from the sideline.
  • CYC EJECTION RULE – Any adult who is ejected from a CYC game is automatically suspended from attending the next three games, and their child is suspended from the next game.
  • ALL THINGS NEW – As the Archdiocese prepares to make changes as part of the All Things New initiative, the CYC has taken this opportunity to access how we do things. Our CYC Executive Board have been discussing various ways we can improve our processes and structure.  This is an exciting time for our Archdiocese as we look to make decisions that will positively impact our future.

Thanks to all of our CYC coaches, volunteers, and officials.  You are the folks who make this all work so well. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to make CYC sports fun for our children.