Important Updates from CYC

Important Updates from CYC

  1. BASEBALL/SOFTBALL SCHEDULER – For the last several years, South Central District Chair, Pat Moore, has taken on the task of scheduling our baseball and softball leagues. We appreciate all the time and effort Pat has put into this task.  She is a valuable CYC volunteer.

Pat has decided to step away from this job, and we are looking for someone to take over.  Our CYC Executive Board has decided to outsource the job of baseball/softball scheduler.  This will be a paid job.  The scheduler would do the following:

  • Collect all needed information from the Districts, including teams, coaches, venue information, and conflicts.
  • Create the league schedules.
  • Update all information in Team Sideline
  • Assist with re-scheduling of games.
  • Need to be proficient in Excel and Team Sideline.

The job will pay $2500. If you are interested in this job, please contact CYC Director Dan Fitzgerald at:

  1. CYC EJECTION RULE CHANGE – Many of you are aware of the severe shortage of sports officials in the CYC program, and many sports organizations. The biggest reason officials are leaving is fan behavior.  Refs tell us the constant berating and insults from the bench, and from the stands, makes the job intolerable.

 We have stressed the importance of good sportsmanship.  To be fair, the great majority of our coaches and fans do an excellent job of maintaining the proper respect for officials.  For some reason, there are some that still display poor sportsmanship and disrespectful behavior.

Something different needs to be done.  At the last CYC Executive Board meeting we discussed this issue.  We decided to make the following rule change.

Any coach or fan, who is ejected from a CYC game, will be suspended for the next three games, and the son/daughter of the coach/fan will be suspended for one game.

Yes, this may seem drastic.  Yes, it punishes the child for the behavior of their parent.  Our kids need to be shown the proper way to act at a CYC game.  They need to see adults, acting like adults, especially when things don’t go their way.  Parents need to understand their behavior is having an effect on their child.  When you yell at officials, you are telling your child it’s OK to question authority and it’s OK to be disrespectful.

We are hoping this rule change will encourage parents to think about their behavior at CYC games.  As a parent, are you willing to risk missing the next three games your child plays and are you willing to risk he/she having to sit out because of your actions?

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