Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Last night, our family enjoyed a spaghetti dinner made by my daughter who is home from college.  The other day, we went outside, to the ole’ driveway hoop for a game of HORSE. Haven’t done that for a long time.  Getting ready to embark on the “clean out the closet” mission.  I’m not sure our local Goodwill will ever be the same.  Not sure of a lot of things.  As many of us hope to get back to normal, I’m certain of one thing.

We are all about to enter a new normal.

The CYC office staff, like most of you, are working at home.  We are taking this opportunity to work on many projects we have been putting off for a time when things slowed down.  As we know, that time rarely happens.  Now it is here.


Here are a few of the projects we are working on:

  • Organize our contact information for all parish athletic associations so we can better communicate with our CYC programs.
  • Develop process lists for all our sports and events. Get organized.
  • Create “How To” manuals for CYC coaches, directors and athletic boards.
  • Revise the CYC Constitution

These are a few of the projects we hope will improve the CYC experience for everyone. We are also brainstorming new ideas and ways of doing what we do now in a better way.


The core values of the CYC are faith, sportsmanship and service.  How can you, and your young athletes, model these values while sports are taking an extended time out?


  • Pray. For your friends and family suffering hardships, for those on the front lines battling the virus, for your teachers, for our priests, for those making the tough decisions, for those out of work, for those who find change difficult.
  • Last week, Pope Francis encouraged everyone to pray the rosary at 3:00pm on a certain day. Your family can continue this each day.  The rosary can be a powerful tool for change. It is an easy way for everyone in the family to participate in prayer together. Building community at home.


  • Be a good teammate. Encourage your athletes to help with the everyday tasks at home. Cleaning, cooking, helping in places they have never helped before.  Often, practices, games and homework give kids the easy way out on chores. Now, there is nowhere to run.
  • Respect. Let’s face it, this staying inside is going to lose its allure fast.  It may have already happened at your house. Use sports as an example for your kids.  If a team is going to be successful, they must obey the coach and work together, even in the tough times.  If there is one complainer on a team, it will sabotage the atmosphere for everyone.


  • Care for others. We all have family, friends, and neighbors who are having a hard time with staying at home. They may need help getting food and essentials. Offer to make a trip to the store for them.  Include your kids. When the weather warms, your neighbor may need help with cleaning up their yard or mowing. Encourage the family to do this together.
  • Reach out. Every parish has a list of those parishioners and family members who are in care facilities. Right now, no one is visiting these people.  Offer to correspond with these folks.  Have the kids make cards sending well wishes and prayers.


Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. I’m told he was a smart guy.  CYC sports is taking this opportunity to look forward and work on ways to improve our program.  We encourage all of you to do the same.  This is a time when we can all find opportunities for improvement in all aspects of our life, especially at home.

The CYC office continues to keep all of you in our prayers.






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