Updated Letter from CYC Regarding COVID-19 (3/13/20)

Updated Letter from CYC Regarding COVID-19 (3/13/20)


Dear CYC Community,

Over the past 24 hours, we have continued to maintain close communication with the Archdiocese of St. Louis, state and local health officials, and other local youth sports organizations to ensure the safety of our children amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As we continue to see the progression of the virus in the U.S., we have made a difficult but prayerfully-discerned decision that we believe is in the best interest of all those involved in our programs.


As of today, March 13, 2020, all CYC games, practices, and activities will be suspended immediately. This includes the cancellation of the remainder of the basketball season and Archdiocesan Playoffs. Because of the scheduling difficulties, in addition to the burden on parents and volunteers, we do not anticipate re-scheduling playoffs.


No CYC activities, including practices, are to be held through at least March 31st. As that date approaches, we will continue to evaluate the situation and will communicate the next steps to you and your parish athletic associations as developments occur. As students, coaches and parents, we all share in the long, rich and faith-filled tradition of CYC Sports and the pride that comes with competing for our schools, parishes and communities. Suspending the seasons at such a critical juncture is unfortunate and will no doubt be a cause of disappointment for many. As we have seen on the news, collegiate and professional athletes are facing the same kinds of disappointments.


As people of faith, we have the opportunity to make this a “teachable moment,” a chance to talk to our sons and daughters about the often difficult decisions that need to be made for the good of many. In this time of Lent, when we are asked to sacrifice those things that we treasure in order to draw closer to God, perhaps the suspension of a sports season can offer an opportunity for spiritual growth and a learning experience for our young athletes.


Consider this quote from Pope Francis: 
“It is important, dear boys and girls, that sports remain a game! Only by remaining a game will it do good for the body and spirit. And as sportsmen, I invite you not only to play, like you already do, but there is something more: challenge yourself in the game of life like you are in the game of sports. Challenge yourself in the quest for good, in both Church and society, without fear, with courage and enthusiasm.”


Perhaps this decision can serve as the kind of challenge that Pope Francis writes about–a chance to seek the good, a chance to redefine courage and enthusiasm. It’s a chance to live our faith out loud.  CYC Sports was never meant to just be a typical sports organization. We exist to help build communities of faith through sports.

Championships are rightly sources of celebration and recognition for our communities. However, they should never be our ultimate prize, because we run for a greater prize (1 Cor 9:13-25). Giving our kids a place to belong, a place to grow, and a place to experience community is what they will remember most for the rest of their lives. Think of the time, passion, and energy that we put into a typical busy week of sports schedules. What if we reimagined that time, offering it to God in this season of Lent and leading our families to grow in faith?


If you’re looking for an extra resource to help you grow in your faith during Lent, the Archdiocese of St. Louis invites you to the Lenten Journey email series. You can text lentSTL to 84576 to receive updates and reflections to help guide you through this holy season in preparation of Easter. You can find find more information and resources at


In Christ,
The CYC Sports staff

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