We Are Playing – Thank You!

We Are Playing – Thank You!

A few years ago, after I was hired to work in the CYC office, I attended my first event.  It was a CYC track meet at St Dominic High School.  A few minutes before the start of the meet, I remember looking out from the press box at the scene.  Kids running everywhere, parents and coaches here and there, seemingly oblivious to the impending start of the meet.  I thought to myself this will never work, it’s chaos.

At 9:00am, something miraculous happened.  All the athletes reported to their designated events, the coaches and volunteers were ready, and an organized, well-oiled machine moved forward for a glorious day of track.  It was so impressive.

That day taught me a valuable lesson about CYC.  The volunteers and parents are key to the success of everything we do.  That has been so evident these past several months.  Earlier this summer, the prospects of a fall sports season were bleak.  Covid had taken the CYC basketball playoffs and our entire spring seasons of baseball, softball, track, golf and lacrosse.  We needed to find a way to get our kids to play sports with their friends and classmates.

Many hours went into the organization of our fall sports seasons.  Countless meetings to discuss safety guidelines.  Trying to keep up with the ever changing restrictions from St Louis City and five counties in the CYC play area.  Ups and downs; surges and spikes. Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting.  Phone calls, e-mails, text messages all asking; When? Where? and How?  It was chaotic.

Once again, our CYC volunteers made it work.

We are now half-way through our fall season.  There is nothing better than seeing the joy and laughter of our athletes on the field and in the gym.  The kids are having fun.  Parents have made sacrifices to adhere to the safety guidelines. We know the uncertainty of this season has been frustrating.  We thank you for staying with CYC so your athletes could have the opportunity to play.

Our coaches have more responsibilities placed in their lap this season.  Wearing masks, organizing health screenings, monitoring proper distancing, in addition to normal coaching duties.  All this with no increase in pay.  Coaches, thank you for your devotion and efforts to make this work for your team.  Parents, please be sure to thank your coaches on a regular basis and offer assistance when you can.

Thanks to our CYC District Chairs who have spent many hours organizing registration and scheduling, putting safety guidelines in place, and putting out countless fires as they have popped up.  Thanks Pat Moore, Matt Maher, Bob Wendel, Mike Seibman and Tim Probst.  Also, thanks to our soccer and volleyball directors in each District; Matt, Terry, Michael, Dennis, Jada, Liz, Steve, Debbie, and Brooke, and to all of our parish Athletic Association volunteers who are putting in extra time to keep us safe.

A big tip of the CYC cap to Laura Bailey and Mark Probst, of our office.  Without their behind-the scenes phone calls and Zoom meetings, our fall season may have not happened.

We know some of our athletes are not playing CYC sports this fall for various reasons.  We miss you and look forward to seeing you again.

So let’s finish this season the right way.  Please continue to follow the safety guidelines.  Keep your mask on, so we can keep the Covid numbers down, help your coaches when you can, and keep yourselves, and your kids, home if they are not feeling well.

Our office will continue to pray for the safety of everyone in our CYC family.

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