Important Play Like A Champion Training Update

Important Play Like A Champion Training Update

We would like to update everyone on some changes in our coaches certification requirements.

In the fall of 2019, we introduced Play Like A Champion.  This program is designed to help coaches recognize the importance of coaching as a ministry and promoting moral and character development for our young athletes.

This program is an in-person curriculum.  Due to the Covid restrictions, we have not been allowed to teach in-person, and have been given the ability to provide this training online.

Our hope had been to have all head coaches, grades 5-8, go through the training before Sept 1, 2021.  We now realize this will be impossible due to the large number of CYC head coaches, our limited staff, and the time left in the year.

Effective today, this is how the coach’s certification training will look:

  • Grades K-4 – All coaches will complete the Coaching to Make A Positive Difference training online.
  • All Grade 5 – All coaches will be required to complete the Play Like A Champion training.
  • Any new coaches, grade 5-8, will be required to take the Play Like A Champion training.

This means, if you are coaching grade five soccer and volleyball in the fall of 2021 you will need to complete the Play Like A Champion training.

Starting March 25th, CYC will host an online Play Like A Champion training on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.  Go to our website at: for more information on classes. You need to register one week prior to the class, so we can mail you the Coaches Workbook. Please do not wait until the summer to sign-up for the training.

Both of our coaches training programs are excellent.  You will become a better coach, and consequently, be the best for your athletes.  We appreciate all you do as CYC coaches.

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