CYC sports has been dormant since mid-March. We lost the basketball playoffs and our entire track, lacrosse, golf, softball and baseball season.  We are starting our fall sports, soccer and volleyball, four weeks later than normal.  We are all very excited to see CYC sports return and the opportunity to watch our athletes in action.

Our CYC volunteers, in various leadership roles, have worked hard and spent hours organizing this fall season.  Safety guidelines, getting rosters and schedules in order, and answering the myriad of questions from parents.  A tip of the cap to all of you.  We appreciate your faithful devotion to CYC.


Nothing about our lives is the same as it was six months ago.  This includes CYC sports.  This season will have many differences.  All of these changes have been put into place to ensure your athletes are given the opportunity to play in a safe environment.

This will not work if our parents choose to ignore rules they do not think are right.  Our kids are looking to us for guidance and direction.  We cannot pick and choose what rules we will follow.  It sends a wrong message to our kids.  We are a Catholic organization and we must do what is right, with respect for others involved, and as a sign of good sportsmanship.


All of the work we put into this season is for one reason.  We want our athletes to play and have fun with their teammates.  It’s that simple.  Sure, there are aspects to this season that are inconvenient and frustrating.  Last I checked, that was part of being a parent.  It can’t be about us, it has to be about our kids.  We all need to make the experience of playing CYC sports fun for the kids.


This season, more is being asked of our CYC coaches.  Their job will be more challenging.  Only two coaches are permitted per team.  Believe me, the added work will not bring a pay raise.  Our coaches need the support of every parent.  Please complete your athlete’s health screens in a timely manner.  Communicate often with your coach.  Let them know if you will miss a game or practice.  Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their time and effort. (Don’t wait until the last game)


One of the many frustrations in all of this has been the difference in safety protocols in the St Louis area.  CYC serves parishes in St Louis City and County, St Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, Warren County and Lincoln County.  Our Executive Board agreed early on we would go by the guidelines of St Louis County, who appeared to have the strictest approach.  Most of our parishes are in St Louis County.  Although the City of St Louis decided to not allow youth sports, we are mirroring the guidelines of St Louis County.

This is frustrating to those parents who live in counties with less stringent guidelines.  There are many differing opinions on safety guidelines.  We understand.  Our main focus has always been to provide a safe environment for our athletes.

No matter where we live, it is important we follow the CYC guidelines for safety.  If we do this, we will ensure the opportunity to continue to play will stay in place.  If we decide not to follow the guidelines, we jeopardize the entire CYC program going forward.  We have to do this for our kids.


CYC has been in contact with Health officials in regard to reporting of positive COVID results by players, coaches and officials.  We have consulted the Archdiocese Education and Communication offices. We have procedures in place for notification of positive cases to parents whose athletes may be effected.  Parents will be notified when a player or coach tests positive on their child’s team, however, we will never identify the infected individual.

Also, if you or your child is not feeling well, this is the season to stay home.  It is not the time to be “tough like a hockey player”.  Stay home for your own health and for that of others.


As you know, youth sports has been a hot-button topic in the St Louis area.  Parents are passionate about their athletes and sports.  We feel blessed to have the opportunity to play fall sports.  Not everyone can say the same.  Our St Louis City parishes do not have the opportunity to play.  Athletes with health conditions or families who have decided not to play are not with us this season.  Siblings have had their high school sports eliminated or moved to the Spring.

CYC sports are moving forward.  We will need to lead by example.  Our program is the Catholic Youth Council with a long tradition of guiding our athletes to play with respect for others and respect for the rules.  We have to make this work.  We have to do this for our kids.

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