You Could Be Hurting Your Child

You Could Be Hurting Your Child

The whole landscape of youth sports has changed so much.  Several years ago, one idea for the development of your young athlete changed.  For many parents, the focus moved from playing multiple sports to specialization in one sport.

The thought was, your athlete will enhance his/her chance of a college scholarship and, perhaps, have a better shot at a professional career, if the specialize in one sport.  Join a “travel team” with better coaching and nicer facilities, hire a personal coach/trainer, and your kid will be set.

Sadly, what we are beginning to see is this way of thinking is doing more harm than good for young athletes.  More sports related injuries and ailments occur.  Kids get burned out earlier; often giving up before they reach high school.

The National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) recently published a report with recommendations for the well-being of our young athletes.

NATA Recommendations

  • Delay specializing in a single sport for as long as possible: Adolescent and young athletes should strive to participate, or sample, a variety of sports. This recommendation supports general physical fitness, athleticism, and reduces injury risk.
  • One team at a time: Athletes should participate in one organized sport per season. The total volume of sports participation is an important risk factor for injury.
  • Less than eight months per year: Young athletes and adolescents should not play a single sport more than eight months per year.
  • No more hours/week than age in years: Athletes should not participate in organized sport and/or activity more hours per week than their age.
  • Two days of rest per week: Young athletes should have a minimum of two days off per week from organized training and competition.
  • Rest and recovery time from organized sport participation: Athlete should spend time away from organized sport at the end of each competitive season.

Parents Health and Wellbeing

Be honest, parents.  How many of you read these recommendations and thought about how less stressful your family’s life would be if your kid(s) played one sport at a time?  Multiple sport practices and games with several children can really stress out a family.  Less family time together, dinners on the run, family occasions missed, are all things you will never get back.

CYC Sports Can Help

CYC Sports are set-up for usually one practice and one game a week.  Games are played relatively close to home.  No road trips; no hotels; no weekends lost.  We believe in “Building Communities of Faith Through Sports”. Playing for your school/parish with your classmates and friends has long been the tradition of CYC Sports.  We sponsor nine different sports.  Have your child pick a few sports of interest and have some fun!

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